Tuesday, July 6, 2010

With Yellow Sympathy

Embark! To win!
Return! Succeed!

It yelled and it screamed
It bellowed with greed
It sang its battle tune
And of yellow sympathy

(With ravage and rage,
it WILL see another day)

With bellows of greed
With desire and need
The big horns a’glare
“To battle with speed”

By hands or on knees
The battle proceeds
Flames in the air
“Our home land’s in despair”

For land, they fight
For families, show might
Its resources they need
Not simply their greed

They cut and they battle
Overcome with their might
Refuse to give up
This is their fight

The dust then settles
With life on their side
Raised hands in air
They roar and they sigh

The march begins home
As townsmen reap & sow
They finally get inside
And look back with worried pride

Once inside
They silently cry:
“Our need and our greed,
with yellow sympathy”

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  1. mmm...never look back after the battle it will break your heart...amazing the greed that drives the battle...nice flow...wonder if there is a synonym for inside...

  2. greed, be it in glory or want of more...will always lead us down an ugly road....with justification...bkm

  3. It's sad that to gain victory someone must be defeated. Greed is such a nasty motivator. Enjoyed your poem!

  4. Sadly some benefit from war and it is the greed driving them to turn upon their countrymen

    This poem pulls me to read from different angles I was half expecting a twist to the world Cup - that is a battle of sorts and greed sadly abounds in that arena too

    Thanks for being at 1 Shot Wednesday