Friday, July 30, 2010


I cried tonight
I cried so softly, so gently and pure
I cried until my tears ran dry
My heart ached, and crushed inside

I died tonight
I died a slow peaceful death
I died until I could not breathe
My chest felt like I was suffocating

I left tonight
I left this world so swift
I left until I saw no more
My thoughts of this world hazing in bliss

I was born tonight
I was born to something new
I was born until I could not remember before
My life has just begun

-Originally written 13March03



  1. I'm a fan of how you structured this poem! I love how you get at your point through the repetition.

  2. Hey JRM I like the structure also and it's great how you evolve into something new at the end, very nice.

  3. Very nicely written! The repetition really carries the poem, creating a solid structure. Great work!