Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The birds and the basketballs

Someone wanted me to write this, so here it is:

When I was younger, say, late-single-digits/early-doubles, I used to play basketball in the yard. I would hop around doing the basketball thing, you know… typical stuff. Many times I would warm up by shooting the ball straight up and catching it, straight up and catching it.

One day as I was warming up, I shot the ball straight up, caught it, shot it straight up, caught it, shot it straight up, was blinded by something falling in my eye from above, and I promptly ran into the house.

Upon further inspection, I became acutely aware that a seagull had flown above and relived itself not just on me, but in my eye.


The end.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Onward Ho

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog. In fact, the last time I updated the blog was almost 3 months ago and was about my love interest with Twitter. Needless to say, that has quenched my thirst for writing publicly and has been a decent success by my measure. Also needless to say, that has resulted in a lack of blogging, as you can see.


I come to you today with nothing of value, nothing to offer, nothing of worth other than a mere empty acknowledgement that this blog exists and with any luck someone is reading this. If so: Hello. How are you doing? Thanks for hanging around.

I think one main reason for not updating here, other than Twitter use, is that I feel this blog has lost direction. Nay, rather it has a lack of focus. I feel the need to break this blog into two: the first being the usual entries you’re used to with the touch of humor; the second being a place for the poetic & prose type of entries. To some degree this division, and lack of dividing, has prevented me from posting altogether.


Here we are. At a crossroad of sorts: time to change, time to divide, time to write.

One thing at a time though. First: decide to divide or not. Second: divide or not. Third: write.

Onward ho.