Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Cold

It’s cold, very cold,
snow’s falling faster than fast.
Ice is building atop the bridge,
not slower than the last.

My breath is cloudy
as it floats through the air.
My ears are red,
fingers frozen when bare.

I don’t like this feeling,
these feelings from past.
We’ve done this before;
though this seems to be our last.

My heart is breaking
yours is frozen and feisty.
Mine won’t stop aching
it seems you don’t like me.

We’ve been here before
not long in the past.
This isn’t the same though,
I know it’s our last.

Your stare is chilling,
right to the bone.
Your smile is cold,
and so is your tone.

It’s cold in here,
snow’s falling faster than fast.
Your ice starts toppling,
our bridge begins to crash.

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  1. was it the weather or the company or both!!! a good poem to share..thanks Pete

  2. chilling verse...and captures the feeling well of when a relationship turns cold...though i could use some ice to cut the heat today. smiles. nice write. thanks for linking up to oneshot again!

  3. My heart is cold
    for if no heat they show
    I just up and go
    Time is to quick
    to play silly games
    they can love me or leave me
    to me it's the same

  4. Reminds me of Michigan winters, as well as a relationship equally as chilling. Great poem and skilled rhyme. Thanks

  5. I do feel a distinct chill when I read this. Very nice! :)

  6. this seems to be a poem to a love, with the cold representing the bitterness of love.

    very nice poem indeed

  7. So true when hearts are being broken that there is a cold that cannot be warmed. Love hearing the bridge collapsing in the distance.

    powerful words my friend

    Thanks for joining us for One Shot Wednesday

    Moon Smiles

  8. Ack! Chilling! I enjoyed the way you've used the repetition of certain lines..artfully done! It really adds to the effect! Lovely (albeit sad) poem, and very well done too..
    A "cool" One Shot!

  9. loves like tat all the time..

  10. Love is a very cold and sometimes bitter thing. Very well put in this piece, and well crafted! Great post!