Friday, July 30, 2010

Dying Love

Please save your tears and wipe your eyes
It's death, my dear; I've only died.
Please be safe, and step aside
I'll be fine; you're by my side.

Save our love for the rainy days
And I'll walk with you in the bright sunrays.
Your love for me let slowly fade
Kiss me now; take my final breath away.

With your strength you'll carry on
Think of me and then move on.
I gave you my love, so thick and strong
I'll be watching from above, helping you along.

It's okay my love, I've only died…
Please wipe those tears from your saddened eyes.
Remember one thing before I go:
I'll love you forever, with my undying soul…

-Originally written 12October00



  1. Wow! So touching and so full of emotion. I especially love that line: "I've only died"

  2. heartfelt words.

    dying words are lasting, well done.


  3. I'll love you forever, with my undying soul…

    If only everyone could loved that way ... the world would be a better place. Happy days!

  4. encore! encore! this is excellent! here's my potluck..