Thursday, July 22, 2010

When in the park

Lie on the grass
and look to the sky,
watch the pillowy clouds
as they pass on by.

The birds, they float
on without care.
Feel your breath escape,
and bring in fresh air.

The sun is shining
while children play.
With arms outstretched,
you decide to stay.

Roll onto your stomach,
remind of the fact,
the park is much better,
“I don’t want to go back.”

When hard at work,
it’s safe to say,
you’re not allowed
to lay and play.

But when in the park
on your break, your lunch,
you’re like a child:
you “like it a bunch.”

“Oh, what can I do?”
you hear yourself say.
“Call in to work?”
“I won’t be back today?”

Now for the moral
of this little poem:
spend time in the park,
you’ll feel at home!

*Note: Inspired by Theme Thursday, topic: Park



  1. happy theme thursday! love spending time int eh park....think we could get our bosses to let us work in the park...might be more, who am i kidding...smiles.

  2. You paint a grand picture
    of this park which you play
    Our parks they put them
    in the bad part of town
    right in the middle where
    they burnt the projects down
    But it is okay we all understand
    they need a place to sell out of
    and hide from the man

  3. "Feel your breath escape, and bring in fresh air." Great line, Really wanted to be reading this in the park as I finished! Well done!

  4. I love a good poem. And a good park. You combined both so nicely.

  5. The park is a very serene place to be! I'd go more often if it wasn't really hot during the day, :-).

    Before I forget though, you've got a blog award!

  6. What a great poem! You made me love the park all that much more!

  7. something i have not done for a long time and now i feel the urge to haha! thank you for the reminder..

  8. Yep - good idea - call in to work - I won't be back today...