Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friending, announcing, commenting.

Two things –

First: What is the protocol for Facebook friending? There has to be something somewhere to tell us what to do.

If someone request your friendship on Facebook, and you accept, who is obligated to send the first note? If no one sends a note, how awkward is it really to not have at least a micro conversation? And also, after what amount of time can you wait without it being awkward anymore and send a note that is actually technically still the first note? Sometimes people friend me, I accept, and hear nothing from them. My personal opinion is that they should send the first note, not me. I think that makes the most sense.

Second: Which is better? To announce something, or make a comment about something?

Let’s say you have something to say, should you draw attention and formalize your opinion, or is it best to make a comment in passing? I understand that this may be situation-based, but… well I guess I just answered my question. And so I guess my new question will be: how do you determine which is best in a given situation? Sometimes I like to announce things, sometimes I’d rather make a comment; I can’t say with any certainty which is right or best in a situation. I sometimes find myself thinking ahead about the best way to communicate, weighing an announcement vs. a comment. Sometimes this results in me not paying attention, primarily because I’m thinking too loudly.



  1. hmmm...facebook astounds me at times...i think if you requested my friendship you will say something...but it is open for me to drop you a comment as well...

    commenting...i will assume this is on FB as well...i think a personal note always tops and announcement...just me...

  2. maybe you should write a book about social networking etiquette, or snetiquette, as i like to call it.