Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Standing on the edge

I look down, standing on the edge.
With cool breeze brushing my skin,
I close my eyes and clear my mind.

I lift up my arms from my sides.
With body shaped like a ‘T’,
I breathe in deep.

My senses heightened.
The sweet smell of flowers,
and waves crashing consume me.

I raise onto my toes.
Butterflies form in my stomach,
my nerves begin to swarm, and I wait.

I open my eyes to the ground below me.
I can finally see clearly,
this world is for me.

I rest my heels firmly on the ground.
My body relaxes,
my nerves slow down.

I struggle to step back.
My mind urges me to stay,
but my heart fights me from the edge.

I am safe again.
I will live to see another day.

*Note: the "I" in this poem is not me. Although this can be interpreted as thoughts of suicide, these thoughts are not my own.

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  1. sometimes the craziness of life is what drives us there and as our heads spin we lose control...when there the enormity of it all brings you have captured it well..cheers Pete

  2. were you trying to commit suicide? that it what i understood by reading the poem.

    Great verses.

  3. I'd better clarify:

    For the record, no, I was not trying to commit suicide. Perhaps the poem is about such, although "I" in the poem is not me.

  4. ok thanking you for the clarification.

  5. somehow I saw this as just reaching upwards until you realize that you can't change what you can't reach but you can stand firm on what you know..nicely done!

  6. ah, and we are glad you are sticking around smiles...i had the same feeling as i read it, that this was the end for whomever...

  7. Most of the way through I saw it as a path to freedom whatever that was...not until the end did it sound like maybe suicide re-thought. It was very nicely written

  8. Tragically, suicide has touched my life 3x and reading this reminds me that it is literally a life and death decision.

  9. love the rush of the dive (either from a plane or a cliff)- that's how I took your poem. There is a surge when you do something death defying.
    You captured it well,

    Thanks for joining us at One Shot Wednesday

  10. You captured an important moment in time for some soul. I am glad it was not you, well crafted and you had your audience believing your words, good one. Pretty powerful writing.

    came by one stop poetry.


  11. At first I thought it was about diving from a high place into water, but then the second meaning kicked in. Good job!