Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The continuous pursuit of food

In conversation today, much like conversation from every other day, I realized that my life, along with a friend’s life, is a continuous pursuit of food.

Virtually every day the conversation goes something like this (via email, BB Messenger, or IM):

Con Lee: “What should I have for lunch?”
Me: “Beef sammich.”
Con Lee: “No, I don’t want that.”
Me: “How about pizza? Mmm, Lou Malnati’s… That was the best sauce ever.”
Con Lee: “No, I don’t want pizza. Go to GrubHub.com and search for something around 60613.”
Me: “OK.”

Time goes by as I search and I eventually return with the results:

Me: “How about Thai?”
Con Lee: “No.”
Me: “How about Chinese?”
Con Lee: “Nope.”
Me: “How about Chicago dogs?”
Con Lee: “No, I want something different.”

By this point I’m probably tired of figuring out what someone else should eat for lunch, and as my interest wanes I tend to let the topic pass. Sometimes, however, the conversation is so intense that a phone call is warranted to discuss the topic further… and after a few moments of that, my waning interest continues.

These conversations happen almost daily, including weekends, and also take place during dinner and late-night hours as well.

And also (this just in):

Jennifer: “Do you find it concerning that I eat a king size box of Junior Mints daily while at work and have been since April?”
Me: “Yes. Do you mind if I blog that?”
Jennifer: “It’s fine with me, but more importantly should I be worried about my wellbeing because of this? Diabetes perhaps? I can’t stop.”
Me: “Yes. Stop.”

…We (yes, WE, including me, because I'm not exempt from said what-should-I-eat discussions) seem to have issues with food.



  1. lol. i have some strangely similar conversations...funny you asked her about blogging it...

  2. Jennifer makes perfect sense to me. Women need chocolate. It's like our heroin. It's girl catnip. Gotta gotta have it.

    Thank you for your comment at my Word Garden!

  3. Yeah, I seem to have very similar conversations with said Mr. Lee, though they are less frequent than your experience. I guess when he gets tired of talking to you he calls me to see if I have any inspired gastro-ethnic-non-salad-eateries he should frequent.

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  5. I too agree with Jennifer. Mostly because she is my wife though. However, now and again I too crave a little dessert. My dessert consists of egg rolls though and not chocolate.

    As for the conversations about lunch, it is likely the most important decision of my day and I try to keep it that way. My current job does not afford me the opportunity to decide which astrophysicist to send to the moon or which path we should take on the cure for cancer. No, my daily struggle begins at my 5:00AM alarm when I begin to think, "Hey Con-Lee, what the damn are you going to have for lunch today?"

  6. a very familiar conversation for me also!