Monday, July 12, 2010

Let’s build a ‘wich!

Slice the tomato, three-eighths-inch thick.
Slice the cheddar cheese, quarter-inch thick.
Toast the English muffin, brown on the edge.
To both sides of muffin, spread mayo, spread.

Lay muffin down, mayo-side-up.
Put on the cheese, one slice is enough.
Put on tomato, one slice is enough.
Put on the top, now time to clean up.

Try garlic, try onion,
these powders are good.
Oregano, try salt,
even pepper you could!

Now it is time
to eat your sand’.
Put napkin on knee,
and eat with both hands!

*Note: Inspired by Magpie Tales, picture:



  1. LOL - fun poem! Now I gotta go, tummy growling.

  2. Yum yum! Food, must get food... Tomatoey Magpies send stomachs rumbling!

  3. Nice recipe. You're gonna make some people hungry.

  4. After writing my post the other day, nothing would do but to make a BLT ( with arugula added...I love the stuff ), even though it was 1AM in the morning!! ). Gosh, now I feel like fixing another one!

  5. how delightful and perfect for summer. Made me wish I liked tomoatoes. I know, I am "weird"...maybe not even American. Great job

  6. It doesn't get much better than that!

  7. Great post, this piece would also work for the "How to" prompt at Poets United at ... how to build a tomato sandwich...Great Magpie...bkm

  8. ha. playful and i will definitely take one of those...smiles. nice magpie.

  9. Well written Magpie ... yummy too!

  10. Hey, I think this one needs a little music!

  11. I'm so hungry now! Love the bit of etiquette at the end too. cheers

  12. This one was not really fair to my stomach...I actually read it while debating what to cook for dinner and now I may just consider going to subway. Thank you for sharing...I think.

  13. This sandwich is like casting a spell..I fell for it!!