Friday, July 30, 2010

Our New Sky

We stand and look up to see if things have changed, but they haven’t.
Consumed by it, the ocean now surrounds us.
We can only look to the light from afar as it shimmers down through the water.

It has been 17 years since we were forced down below.
Only under the surface are we safe from above.
The world we once knew no longer exists.

Our pompous ways, and arrogant actions, they are what led us here.
Once great and powerful, we’re now at the mercy of the sea around us.
And now, we cannot escape from the next hell we create for ourselves.

We thought we had it all, and took everything without care.
We raped and pillaged our land with little regard, until it was too late.
Our once-abused resources had finally burned us for a change.

We ruined our world long before we were able to find a new home.
Now we, the few that remain, are fortunate enough to have made it below.
Fortunate to survive, yet it’s terrifying to realize we are forever bound below the surface.

Now, we are self-made sea creatures; endangered like those we once tried to protect.
Our new sky protects us from the damage and the desolation we left above.
We look to our new sky, the sea that surrounds us, and to the foreign light as it shines from above.

But now we cannot leave again… and I fear that we still cannot change.
The ocean which sustains our new life…
cannot forever protect us from the very thing that will eventually end us:


*Note: Inspired by Theme Thursday, topic: Light


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