Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Highlights (not the painting hairs kind)

We’re getting near the 1-year mark on this blog. A lot of you haven’t been around that long, so I thought it a good idea to highlight a few of the older posts to introduce you to the early days (and because I don’t have anything new to write about at the moment). So, here you go. Enjoy!

The first “real” post was somehow based solely on motion-sensing faucets and other motion-sensing items. Turns out they’re something like magic. Find that post here.

Over time I’ve had quite a few posts on cats: how it’s natural to be wary of a catcats are unique in a strange way, not a normal way – and – cats that will kill you are three of said posts. Please, explore. Cat lovers are welcome. Cat dislikers will probably understand better, though.

I’ve also written about zombies here, eating “zombie” here, and about zombie mosquitoes here. You may be surprised…

I have even wrote about cold elbows. Why cold elbows? Because they’re gross. Find out more here.

I think that will suffice for now. Please, feel free to take a look around and explore with the topic tags. There’s quite a few to choose from! Dare I say something for everyone?


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