Monday, March 28, 2011

From detox to off the grid in 3… 2… 1…

I recently decided to undergo detox (detox of the TV to be exact). Of course, this means only the type of TV where you plop down on the couch to aimlessly watch whatever’s on at the time and surf the channels when there’s nothing of interest.

This does not include, however, Netflix or DVR items. That’s just plain crazy…

At the time of writing, it has been exactly one night of detox. It wasn’t too hard, even though I was more or less bored. But probably no more bored had I been watching TV for hours on end.

There are things I’d like to accomplish, and these things take time, time that the TV is eating up, time that I seemingly don’t have. Hence the detox.

Hopefully detox will allow me to do these things. Hopefully I won’t go so far off the reservation that it becomes a slippery slope and next thing you know I’m trying to go off the grid, which, by the way, most definitely crossed my mind during Detox Night 1.

Or maybe that would be fun…

…But not so far off that there’s no internet access, because that also is just plain crazy.

Nor do I want to hunt daily for all my food needs. Or live in a tent fashioned of twigs and leaves for that matter.

While that does sound to be a fun and engaging week-long adventure, it surely isn’t a viable option as far as long-term living arrangements go.

...Clearly I need to think this through before detox is over.


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  2. I have to agree with you. You probably need to think this through before detox is over. Have some time to relax; use aromatherapy oils.

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