Friday, May 21, 2010

Cats are unique in a strange way, not a normal way.

The subject of cats continue to come up and I don’t know that it’s something new or if it’s always been around and I’ve just never noticed it… But the chatter around the topic of cats, and not in a cute-furry-fluffy way, seems to be gaining ground.

A while back I posted “It’s natural to be wary of a cat… of any kind” and today I see these two posts:

so it wouldn't be all that different
Why Cats Are Not Employed As Doctors

On top of these two posts, I’ve heard conversations and read other stories about cats in non-“I love my pet” ways.

I think the trend is starting to catch on that cats aren’t usual creatures; they’re unique in a strange way, not a normal way.


***UPDATE*** And also, sucking on wool IS NOT NORMAL!

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