Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Pound! (and watched water)

For those of you who know the joke, you’re welcome for me reminding you about it. I hope you chuckled.

If you’re not familiar with the joke, don’t bother googling it because a written account won’t do it justice; if you happen to find a video of someone telling the joke, perhaps that will work, but I don’t know.

Moving on.

I ate almost 2 pounds of wings the other day. Had I not had the fried mushrooms I would have been able to eat the full 2 pounds.

What? You’re vegetarian? Oh. Sorry then.

What? You’re a chicken? Oh. Sorry to you as well.

What? You want wings now? Oh. Good. Go have some (assuming you’re not a vegetarian. Or a chicken.).

What? There’s little substance to this post? Yes. You are correct.


Just kidding.

Moving on again.

They say that watched water never boils.

I say they’re lying, because watched water DOES in fact boil. Always.

Assuming you have a sufficient heat source under said water that is also obviously in a container that won’t melt.

Because if you just sat there watching water without those things, of course it won’t boil.

Which would make them right. But they’re assuming you already have those things when you’re watching said water.

So they’re wrong. And liars. Still.

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