Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seeking: NWM(P), and A Strange Sheep-Thing

That stands for New Weatherman(person), not Nighttime Werewolf Messenger (Please), fyi.

This winter’s weather has been horrible in the Denver area: we’ve had virtually no snow. While other parts of the country have had literally feets (yes, feets) of snow, we have had almost none. And it’s quite depressing.

Does anyone know of a good weatherman(person) who needs a job? Ours are having trouble with predicting. As with most other areas of the country, the weather here isn’t an exact science. But when you predict 2-5” of snow and it turns out to really be 0”, and you predict 4-6” and it turns out to be 1”, over and over and over again? Yeah… There may be a slight problem.

I’m not saying our current weathermen(persons) aren’t smart or are doing a poor job, they just haven’t been accurate this season. And while we all know that it’s near impossible to predict the weather, you can at least come close to figuring it out.

Each storm is not something you’ve never seen before and cannot map it with a decent level of certainty.

And also? Maybe don’t predict the end of the world when you’re 4 or 5 days out. Maybe only predict a possibility of snow. You’re getting a lot of hopes up when you predict a potential snow day and don’t deliver by coming up way short – not just a little short – but a lot short.

And more also, what the eff is this thing.


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