Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shirts off in the dentist’s office

I went to the dentist this morning. Other than the usual poking and prodding, things went as expected. Well, not really…

Things went as expected until I found out the new office policy was ‘shirts off’. Sure enough, there was a sign on the wall that read “shirts off in the dentist’s office” and I could see patients putting on their shirts after time in the chair.

As I sat down, the tech said “shirt off, please.” I took a long look back at her to be sure she was serious. She insisted she was. So, awkwardly enough, off my shirt went.

Like you, I was pretty much confused from the start.

That’s because this story is fiction.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. ha. congrats on the goddess award...

  2. You had me there, for a minute! lol Congrats on the Goddess award!

  3. Oh Lord I was wondering why on earth you'd have to remove your shirt! Nice read and congratulations on your goddess award!

  4. You had me worried for a minute ... I have a dentist appointment coming up! :o)