Monday, January 24, 2011

Saving a life with 30 Seconds To Mars

Friday evening I attended the 30 Seconds To Mars show. You may recall the last time I saw them. This time around was also a good show (even though the show concluded before 10pm), however, a little more eventful in some ways. Please keep reading for the story. It’s sure to be a nail-biter… or not.

You see, we were standing at center stage in the middle of the crowd, at a point where Jared (the lead singer) had everyone take 3 steps forward 3 times during the course of the first few songs (I’m sure you can imagine how we were all packed in, literally, like sardines) When all of a sudden, the crowd in front of me parted and a guy and his girlfriend appeared in a clear attempt to walk to the back of the crowd.

After focusing, I realized he was carrying this girl and was clearly having trouble as she was obviously passed out. I imagine at the start of their journey she faced him with arms wrapped around his neck as he began to walk her backward, and that all was going to be OK for them. By this point, however, she was slumping to the floor – her face in his chest, and his hands desperately holding on below her shoulders.

Xtina quickly prompted me to give him a hand getting the girl out of the crowd (I assume it was my inebriation that didn’t allow me to notice his need for help sooner). I asked if he wanted help, he signaled yes, I slung her into my arms, and off we went pushing through the crowd as I yelled for people to move aside, pardoning and thanking the entire way. The guy was behind me holding her feet, although there was no need since I had her fully in my arms, braced with my left arm under her knees and my right arm under back.

At some point the girl decided to come to, which I’m sure was a little surprising for her to find herself being carried away by a strange man with a hat and a beard, probably much like a soon-to-be bad dream, a kidnapping, or other strange movie scene (unnecessary clarification: I sometimes like to go incognito when in public – full beard, hat, and unsuspecting attire; I don’t like when the paparazzi snap pictures of me. It can be tolling at times. …But I digress).

Fortunately though, she saw her boyfriend in front of her. Unfortunately for me though, concerned for her wellbeing, she tried to sit up in my arms, leaning in the opposite direction from which we were traveling in an attempt to grab hold of her man and claw her way into his arms. Needless to say, this resulted in a very uncomfortable carrying experience for me, which if it weren’t for her coming to, would have been a textbook extraction of a person from the middle of a densely-packed crowd.

Finally, we arrived at a clearing, set her down, the two thanked me, I told them to get water and relax, I turned to go back into the crowd, and realized I was unable to get back to my date. Which was unfortunate because Xtina and I spent the rest of the show trying to find each other after she insisted she was at the first bar on the right when walking back from the stage (which was exactly where I was the entire time, and where I had dropped off the guy & gal combo), when in reality she was at the last bar all the way at the back of the venue… But it was worth it.


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