Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011: A Few (Random) Points

Looks like we all survived; the computers didn’t rise up for yet another year. Yay for us. Maybe next year they’ll attack as previously planned for Y2K. I guess we’ll have to see. Fortunately, we have another full year to prepare. However, something tells me that no one is taking this threat seriously.

So… have you purchased Fast Lane Tea yet from Celestial Seasonings? You should. See my previous post about it. I’ve had several people email to inform me of their purchase. Are you one joining us?

The new wall calendar I’ve received at work seems to be 130% larger than the previous one, and subsequently does not fit on my cube’s wall. Not a fan.

I’ve been searching for a Franklin Covey or other organizer system to meet my needs to no avail. Hopefully avail will happen this week. If not, I’ll have to fashion some sticks and yarn together with some pulp to create the solution best-fit for me.

Already, there are a few concerts lines up this year, namely: Disco Biscuits, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Umphrey’s McGee, all by mid February. Be on the lookout for reviews as per usual.

Did I mention my MBA education is complete? Finally. Not that it took forever, but I’m glad to be done with the homework. However, I have another year’s-worth of free education coming to me so I have to start deciding what direction I want my educational path to go.

Also, I bought a new Jeep. Did I mention that? Don’t think I did.

It seems that things are a little refreshed. While I agree that the New Year holiday is more mental than anything, there’s something to be said about the renewed spirit it can generate if you allow it. Get caught up in the moment and refresh yourself. Keep your head high and your eye on the goal. You’ll get there in one piece.

Signing off until next time.


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