Tuesday, January 25, 2011

‘Ninjas’ and more ‘washing of hands’ talk

First, ‘ninjas’:

We need more ninjas in this world. Or ninja-like things. Or just more references to things being ninja-like. Perhaps one of the car makers can design a ninja-themed vehicle and bring it to market. I vaguely remember seeing something about a Nissan Xterra being ninja-like. After a quick search, here it is: “Nissan Ninja Hauler Kicks Ass and Takes Names Silently.” Maybe Jeep can make a Ninja model – they made a Black Ops model, so why not expand into other themes?

Lastly, more ‘washing of hands talk’:

Before the show on Friday, I happened to wash my hands in a public restroom. This restroom happened to have a paper towel dispenser on the wall to dry customer’s hands. The dispenser just so happened to dispense toilet paper pre-cut in 3-sheet lengths. I thought that was pretty odd. Odd enough to warrant me taking a picture even while others were in the restroom waiting for me to remove myself from the dispenser.

*Historical: please see here for previous washing of hands talk and my realization that there are three types of people in this world.


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