Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoulder Nips

What to do… What to do… Last week I pulled a shirt off the shelf (read: hanger) that I hadn’t worn in quite a while, say, a year or so. Probably since last winter. Much to my dismay, it had shoulder nips. Crunched for time though, I opted to wear the shirt, regardless of its unusual and unwelcomed addition. Fortunately for me, I think I forgot about the shoulder nips and moved on with my day.

I wonder if anyone else noticed them; I usually notice them on other people and think to myself, “Man, that’s something. I wouldn’t have hung that shirt on a hanger – I certainly would have folded it to prevent the shoulder nips because clearly the fabric is going to stretch on the hanger.”

Which brings me to a question of great importance: which is better to have – shoulder nips or creases/wrinkles that may or may not be challenging to get rid of when you’re short on time?

That is all.



  1. neither- too little to worry about! Cheers!

  2. Dear Jason: Are those like shoulder darts? No...that's for the ladies..I think men don't have these on their sweaters do they? Just ladies hang sweaters? Why hang sweaters? Isn't it better to fold them neatly and put them in a cedar-lined drawer? Too complicated! And those thngs (the nips) are like collar tags, they irritate! Who thought of this? Men? Not again...

  3. different people have different take ...
    stick to yours,
    not to worry about others that much.