Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Longing Fear


I woke to the beginning
It started in my sleep
My eyes opened to the sound
Of screaming on the streets

I lie there for one moment
Push clouds from my head
Wish that I was dreaming
And I would wake inside my bed

The sounds went on in horror
The clash was very clear
I sat up and peered out the window
The war was finally here

No time to take cover
Or time to get dressed
Make haste was the only answer
While I planned the moments ahead

I wanted to much to scream
For them all to give in and stop
But running out the doorway
Was the only way to go on

Down the stairs I encountered
Something my eyes could only stare
Looking back at me was my twin, my self
Looking with a glare

Could this be a dream?
Could this be for real?
Can I stand there and stare back at me
And survive this longing fear?



  1. yikes- I'd be pulling the covers over my head and be in complete denial....maybe......
    Well done!
    if you have time- check out my new photo project
    for 2011

  2. to be staring at yourself is indeed a weird experience that could bring goose pimples all over haha! thanks for sharing jrm..

  3. Internal conflict is always interesting as long as it's not mine..

  4. Wow, much internal conflict lies within your dreams... so be this war? be this yet but a nightmare masked as a dream? Nice write.