Monday, May 10, 2010

30 Seconds To Mars: Shaping the musician’s mind

~The following was written shortly after the 30 Seconds To Mars show at The Fillmore in Denver, CO on Saturday May 8, 2010~

Some people won't get it, but I do. Tonight’s show changed lives. I don't know that 30STM knows it, but they have shaped a small part of tomorrow’s musicians. Tonight, 30 Seconds To Mars brought the crowd on stage, literally. They brought people of all ages onto the stage; the ultimate showcasing of their fans. Wow, what a feeling! I remember going to club shows when I was young... We were so close that we could touch the stage, and sometimes even the band as they played! Moments like that have made a lasting impression on my life, and may have even impacted me in small ways, causing me to become who I am today. I remember it being absolutely awesome; I still think it is…

Tonight’s 30 Seconds To Mars show was awe-inspiring.

I can only imagine if I were a teenager again, like those standing on stage at The Fillmore before a sold-out crowd, or like those witnessing their peers as they were invited on stage by a band they all adore... I can only imagine if I were on stage with them! Wow, what a memory, what an impression that would be! What an impression that was…

I firmly believe that acts like this are what shape minds and futures. Whether they realize it or not, 30STM has surely instilled a sense of adventure, of determination, and of creativity in at least a few of the minds both on stage and in the crowd tonight; a sense to follow their dreams and become a musician… or maybe even a rock star.

Thank you, 30 Seconds To Mars; you truly are great.


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