Friday, January 28, 2011

Nefarious envelopes, and I'm published. Good day, sir or ma'am.

Not really though… but kinda yes. But also kinda no.

You may recall a while back when I mentioned my writing being selected for a poetry book. Well, yesterday a strange manila envelope arrived in the mail all taped up from a strange location in Michigan that was unknown to me with a return address “person or other entity” noted as ‘NAR’. Clearly, had I been a politician, I would have called the bomb squad immediately. But I am not a politician, so I only considered the option heavily prior to gently opening the package while making sure my dogs face kept away and my hands improperly shielded should something nefarious happen.

Sure enough, nothing happened other than the envelope opening per normal protocol. Lo and behold, it was one of the two copies I purchased of the book. You can find it here: New Art Review.

Pass the word.

Oh, and also? Check out the new WW’s Weekly Items of Note.

Should be a blast.



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