Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tipping the newspaper guy (or gal). And Yogurt.

This is something that I just don’t understand. Why would you tip the newspaper delivery person? I mean, don’t they get an hourly wage that is equal-to or greater-than minimum wage? It’s not like they’re paid less than minimum wage like a waiter or waitress is. I can understand tipping a waiter or waitress, but not the newspaper delivery person. I mean, you don’t tip the USP guy of FedEx Man, nor do you tip your local USPS delivery person. Why are the paper people so special?

Speaking of tipping, the group I was eating with asked a waitress what percentage she typically receives from people. She informed us that most people are tipping 20% these days. 20%. No longer is 15% the norm. No long is 15-20% the norm. No longer is 18% the norm. Somehow, according to that waitress, 20% has become the norm, even in this economy. I guess good for the waiters and waitresses.

And also, why do I buy strawberry yogurt when I clearly have an affinity for blueberry? I’ll usually buy three blue berry and two strawberry just to change things up. Why bother? I don’t like the strawberry nearly as much as the blueberry…



  1. Actually, I do tip the USPS guy and the newspaper guy. I also tip my barber at every haircut and I am sure he is making more than minimum wage. I think it is more about showing some sort of appreciation to a person whom you take for granted, yet (at least in my case) always delivers consistent, top quality service.

  2. Great point about the barber; I also tip him/her as well. Although, I can understand that a little more because, yes, while they're making more than minimum wage, you're trusting them with sharp objects moving rapidly very close to your face and head. The newspaper person - not so much. By your account above, we should tip anyone we receive a service from, including the grocery bagger who is definitely making minimum wage, much like the newspaper delivery person.

  3. Yes, i understand, and we could have a whole conversation around this topic, but i am talking about a once a year show of gratitude for the people who remain a constant in our lives and provide us a service. I take twenty trips to the grocery and see seventeen different baggers. My news paper delivery person and the mail person, on the other hand have never changed. Granted I have only lived in my new abode for 7 months, but even at my last residence of two years, there wasn't a change. All I am saying is that slipping the guy who consistently gets me my paper before I get up (never once have I had to wait on a late paper [a major annoyance]) an extra ten bucks, once a year, for me is worth it.