Friday, January 14, 2011

Soup, Money, and Medieval Times

The strange things about me, is that I love saving money as much as I love spending it. This probably isn’t the only strange thing about me, and I request that if you know of other strange things: keep them to yourself. Thanks.

Anyway. As I walked back to my desk after heating my Chunky Soup, I realized that I enjoy saving money and love the feeling of doing so. I also thought that I should do the soup thing more often; it’s much cheaper than going out to eat, and is generally healthier than some of the things I would eat if I went out.

At the same time, I know that I love food. All foods. And love going out to eat. You see, this poses a significant problem for the fiscally responsible among us: while I love to save, I also love to spend. Both can be good feelings (dependant on what you’re spending money on), and both are desirable feelings.

I suppose the trick is to balance them out. Spend a little here and save a little there, but spend more only for those things that will continue the good feelings longer than something that isn’t worth the money, and save enough to be satisfied without locking oneself into a room 24/7 and limiting purchases to air and water.

Back to the soup. I really enjoy a good, hearty soup with a big crusty roll. For some reason, I love the rustic feeling. It brings me back to the 14th, 16, 17th and most other centuries when soups and bread were the mainstay of societies. Sometimes I wish I was alive during those times, merely for the coolness of the eras with the knights and dirt and whatnot.

In closing: I like soup, money, and Medieval times. Thank you.



  1. oh yeah- I too love to make soup,eat home made crusty bread and dining out! It's a quandry as I am trying to save a lot of money this year so we can go to Scotland this fall-

  2. maybe you were alive in the olden days. hello! reincarnation?

  3. You know what you need to resurrect is the crock pot. 5 minutes in the morning, set that puppy on low, and return home after work to a fragrant abode and a meal that only 8 hours in a warm ceramic vessel can create. Best stews ever... Oh, and get yourself a box of Bisquick at the grocery. simpler, quicker biscuits cant be had... 5 minutes in the oven.