Monday, December 13, 2010

Items of note

Sweet. The following are hits to my blog from Google, verbatim:

1) “mountain dew” actors eagle tattoo
2) “my shoes off at work”
3) Jesus hula hoop shirt
4) Jesus ponies
5) Mountain dew eagle tattoo commercial actress

I have some questions:

1) Why are there quotations around Mountain dew?
2) Why are there quotations around “my shoes off at work”
3) What is the jesus hula hoop shirt, because I want one
4) I’m glad to see that jesus ponies are still bringing home the bacon
5) And why would anyone want to know who that actress is from the commercial

Additionally to note: New Art Review has been good to me for at least one day. If you’re unfamiliar, apparently I’ve been published, or going to be published, sometime this month, in a poetry book. Neat. And I purchased a copy, then forgot I purchased a copy, then purchased a copy again, only to find that I already purchased one at discount. Yay.

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    Happy Friday!
    Stay Blessed!