Monday, August 23, 2010

Their Pain

Pain – it’s what’s for dinner
Is not the way it should be
We hope and we pray
Waiting to be saved
It’s not right, or warranted
To be left here this way

Pain, with little empathy
For the goings-on of
The youth of today
No more tomorrow
Should not be the
Thought they portray

Sometimes simple
Is all we need
Although I wonder how
We often can breathe
When there’s children
Left on the street

In pain isn’t the way
They should be
Locked out and locked in
Let them free
Let them free
Let them free!



  1. It's painful to live in our world and watch the atrocities of society
    I'm glad you feel this and are willing to write about it

    Moon smiles

  2. it is sad to see the world left for the youth of today and you can see it in their eyes..those in pain or on the street...sad, but nice one shot!

  3. So much pain, poverty, and heartache. So few to help. We all want answers, solutions, but we run into the walls that close them in. Empathetic poem. The plea so heartfelt. Thank you.

  4. pain is inevitable,but we need to strengthen our souls and try to do something about it,we need more actions of hope. thank you for writing in this topic. strong one shot :)

  5. Nice, good job fellow United Poet.

  6. A heartfelt plea for something better. Wonderfully articulated!

  7. It is so sad to think of all the pain many children feel here and around the world. Sometimes I think we've gotten our priorities all out of whack. I'm sickened I read of huge bonuses for corporate exectives, outlandish salaries for professional athletes, billions spent on killing in another country, when all the while, there are so many children homeless and starving.

    Thank you for writing such a powerful poem.

  8. Well spoken; There is so much pain and I fear more! You did a great job~