Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Her Palms

The palm of her hand is wet.
A moment ago it was clenched,
Tight in a fist.
She opened her fists, finally…
It was time to take a breath.

Two weeks ago, it started.
Life was lovely,
And without care.
Then it happened.
Two weeks ago she clenched her fists.

Since then, life has been hard.
The house almost gone,
Her child almost taken.
The state knocked daily.
Her bank account was broken.

By some strike of luck,
Or maybe a little magic,
Her fate twisted surprisingly.
The lottery? …No.
Wealthy family passing? Not at all.

Neither was it a stranger on the street;
Taking her up as charity,
Was not the case.
Instead, it was her family and friends
Who were her saving grace.

The palms of her hands were held so tight,
And they were clenched so long,
That her skin was bruised and bright.
Today is the day her palms will dry.
The worry and pain will end this night.

*Note: Inspired by Theme Thursday, topic: Palm



  1. Argh! She's in a bad position. Even depending on friends and family wears thin after a fairly short time. But good luck to our poetic girl. Poem nicely rendered.

  2. i am glad she had those family and friends...this makes the story al the sweeter...i wonder if we all have not been there at some point. i know i have. happy tt!

  3. That really is a tough place to find oneself. The tension and stress indicated by the clenched fist is overwhelming, I understand that. Being able to rely on family and friends is a blessing at times like this. However, they might also want you to take their advice as well as their support.

    An interesting take on the Theme and I thank you for it.

  4. I know the feeling of clenched fists and half-moon fingernail tattoos in my palm. What a relief to finally let go.

    Nice TT!

  5. Yesss! "Let Go and Let God" ALMOST every night i hand up to him any problems or issues, and tell God, that if he takes them tonight I'll take them back in the morning. (Sometimes, in the morning, they are gone!!!!!)

    Those PALMS...serious stuff!

  6. It is a serious issue well addressed here.
    Sadly some of those palms will dry in a last act of frustration.

    Thanks for presenting the dilemma thru the palms

    Mine is Palm's Up

  7. how wonderful that her family was there--I can feel her hands relaxing---great writing and take on the theme---happy TT c

  8. Not only her family, but her family and friends as well!

    Thank you all for the comments.

  9. Wonderful poem, but sad. I love the ending. It's great to have family and friends, especially when the going is tough. Happy TT.

  10. Lucky for her she wasn't alone, but still very sad. Happy Theme Thursday!

  11. it's fantastic when you have a family to count on - we all need this!

  12. Interesting way to tackle the theme.

  13. I love the way things are going to work out in the end. Great take on Theme Thursday!

  14. It's not often we hear about an outpouring of human kindness. This is uplifting. Thanks.

  15. a very beautyiful take.. u said it very nicely...!

  16. That's so wonderful! I'm glad she is surrounded by such love now.

  17. Thank you, all, for the nice comments!