Monday, August 16, 2010

This time, it WAS a Daniel Boone hat!

We were out on Saturday night, somehow again, back at Coyote Ugly after spending time at 3 previous locations. This time: to see what it’s like on a weekend when there’s a decent crowd. You see, when we were there earlier in the week, there was basically no crowd, leaving to question what the atmosphere is like when the room is full with drunken people. And no, not my idea, but unlike I said before, after our time there on Saturday, I’ll probably be back… assuming I’ve had a few drinks prior to entering the establishment.

Thus the report on the weekend night: fun. Fun enough I’d go back (as just mentioned).

One highlight from the weekend: while at Coyote Ugly, I looked down the bar and saw one of the bartenders standing on top wearing a Daniel Boone hat! And this time it was for real! No bad-eyesight tricks here.

Although, it wasn’t a genuine one. It was just a cheap version likely purchased in a non-Daniel Boone-hat store. In fact, it was so fake that even though the hat had a tail, it also had a face on the front… of a raccoon… if memory serves me right, I don’t think that Daniel Boone wore an animal’s face on his head. Although I could be wrong; I’m no follower of Daniel Boone history.


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  1. A very unique hat. =D Must have been a sight to see, LOL!