Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Brush

Standing in line
Minding my own business
I patiently await my turn

My head is down
Fresh from magazine stand
I’m thumbing from page to page

I hear a sound
My head picks up
Just some change hitting the floor

I’m up next
After those in front of me
How much longer will I wait?

The day is young
But I have things to do
So my patience begins to fade

When out of the blue
As she turns to walk out
She brushes against my arm

I catch a glimpse
Lock with her eyes
I turn around, curiously staring

With a quick turn back
She proceeds out the door
Now I’m the one holding the line

*Note: Inspired by Theme Thursday, topic: Brush



  1. Oh yea, that was really good, I was right there in the line!

  2. ha. i was right there in line as did you stay in line or follow? smiles. happy theme thursday!

  3. i love those moments, when you get a jolt into feeling something intense.

    nice TT magic!

  4. hate waiting in lines. happy tt

  5. Hate those lines. So...did you break out of line or stay and wonder 'what if' ? :)

  6. It doesn't happen often, does it ... that sense of deep connection. When it does it is often without sound and without touch. Just a fleeting connection and then ... nothingness.

  7. What a clever TT. A lot can be transmitted through just a brush and a quick eye contact. BUT, I would have trouble leaving a line I had spent much time in just to chase a possibility. Some would. :)

    My TT will be up this evening.


  8. Hey you, Lover boy, some of us are waiting here! j/k. Very sweet, very nice.

  9. nice TT :D did u stay in line, or go after her? :)

  10. Thank you, all, for the great comments!

  11. I probably would have left the line and followed.