Wednesday, August 11, 2010

lost inside my head

i am lost inside my head,
this headstrong heartache of an impatient depth charge.
i hear the things that no one hears,
i know the things no one ever will.

i am insane. i am insanity.
call me loose, i call it beauty.
call me strange, i call it gift.
i am creation. i am death.

strip you of your being,
i know what's underneath.
the twists, the voices,
the roads, the words.

conceptual deprivation of all things great,
love, sex, religion, being.
scare myself awake, scare myself alive.
moments of understanding, epiphany of the great.

conceptual understanding, perfect reasoning.
horrifying truths.
consensual connection to the answer.
riddle me this: a maker of what, who? the maker’s maker?

believe in not, and you shall see.
believe in not, and you will receive.
open your mind’s eye and tap your illusions, delusions
become truths, and ideas are robust in flavor and description.

but only for one second…

but only for an eternity…

differentiate the two,

or are they one...

-Originally written 3March03

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  1. wow. that was quite the trip...i embrace my insanity on good days...smiles. some great impatient depth charge...conceptual deprivation...happy one shot!

  2. i share Bri's insanity s part of me..something we should all embrace from time to time..thanks for sharing with One Shot..cheers Pete

  3. Sweet! I dig the 'Gestalt -vs- Zen' feeling.

  4. "call me strange, i call it gift.
    i am creation. i am death."
    Those lines are so good I think they could stand alone as a poem. cheers, great as a whole too

  5. I love the journey this poem takes you on...and the disconnect and connect all wrapped up makes me feel like I've truly been inside someone's head.

  6. The craziness communicates itself in the twisting of images, and the fight "call me not" are you still writing?

  7. What a terrific glimpse into insanity. I attempt to keep mine behind the velvet curtain. Were I to look upon what you just described, I'd scare myself to death.

  8. Mairmusic: yes I am still writing. Feel free to explore!