Monday, August 2, 2010

Water bottle caps

A couple weekends ago while I was at Red Rocks for The String Cheese Incident, I had bought a bottle of water. Like many venues, they take away the cap so you can’t fill the bottle and hurl it like a projectile… or maybe it just makes cleanup easier for the employees – I don’t know. Well, for the second show I was smart and brought a cap from home that came from a similar sized bottle. I knew I was sure to not spill any water during the evening from that moment forward.

So, Saturday night I bought another bottle of water, went to twist on my from-home cap, and it didn’t fit. Turns out not all bottle caps are created equal, and I wasn’t aware that there are different gauges for basically the same size bottles… who knew! Fortunately though, I was able to twist the cap on and re-thread it on an angle so that there was at least a top on the bottle. It wasn’t water-tight, but it was a cap nonetheless.

Sure, I could have brought my own bottle-of-water-with-cap into the show, but that was of little interest to me at the time – that’s just more to carry when I’m supposed to be carrying an alcoholic beverage.


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