Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spilt Drinks, Piano Costumes, and a Weasel

My update to Facebook last night at 11:12pm:

“Somehow… I don’t know how… but I had a drink spill in my lap. A whole drink. It’s not mine. My shorts are soaked. Specifically: rt. leg”

After dinner last night we went over to Coyote Ugly. I hadn’t been there before. ...That was an interesting experience.

Also: someone found their way to my blog yesterday through a Google search for ‘piano costume’. They landed on my ‘A Bride. A Piano. A Costume Party?’ post. Clearly, after glancing at the short blurb under the search result they decided that my blog just might have said piano costumes…

…wtf is a piano costume anyway? If anything, wouldn’t it be a tuxedo?

And also: I was surprised yesterday when my blog was mentioned on Poets United’s The Life of a Poet, featuring Weasel this week. He listed me as one of three poets he likes to read or visit the most.

Thanks again, Weasel – I appreciate it!

And more also: there’s been new activity in the topics of cats and zombies (fortunately though, no reports of cat zombies yet - that would be worthy of a stand-alone post; so important that it couldn’t be held in waiting for additional material). More on those topics at a later date.




  1. Cats and Zombies? An interesting thought. I'll keep an eye out for them, I've got my copy of the Zombie Survival Guide ready, LOL! =)


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