Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your Christmas decorations are still up? Yes, they’re helping out, actually.

My Christmas decorations are still up. I attribute this to a lack of time and an abundance of items to accomplish. Mostly, though, I attribute it to my lack of interest in putting away the decorations.

I will state, however, that I didn’t put up many decorations this year; I opted for my 3’ fake tree that was leftover from my apartments days which just so happens to fit perfectly in the space above the fireplace, where my old TV used to sit.

In fact, if and when I take down the tree, I’ll have a blatant void in the room and a definite need to fill the space with something else that I currently do not own.

So, in many ways, by leaving up my Christmas decorations I’m also saving money. Which is a good thing.

…What. Stop judging me. You wish your Christmas decorations saved YOU money.


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