Monday, February 7, 2011

Say hello to Jasper

He’s a friend of a friend. Maybe not even a friend of a friend, but someone a friend had interaction with at one point. Well, maybe not even someone a friend had interaction with at one point, but someone a friend was in the vicinity of once. Yeah. That’s it.

And she decided to draw a portrait.
Which just so happens to be the size of a quarter.

I do believe it was a work-related function as well. Some sort of off-site third-party training.

Can you tell that the training was highly valuable to its audience?

Jasper, if you’re out there, and you think this looks like you, and your name happens to be Jasper, phone us. Or email. I’d like to see a real picture of you. So make haste.

Probably not though. It’s ok if you never come forward. Your portrait has been sitting on my desk for many, many months now. And yes, I’m JUST getting around to writing a post about you.

Thanks for the entertainment you've brought me.


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