Friday, February 11, 2011

The most challenging dining experience

Let’s recap: I posted last night about the Daylight Saving Time bill here in Colorado, and how if it passed it would actually have been 12:__am, not 11:00pm. Because we recently ‘fell back’ in time. The one-sentence I wrote wore me out even further than my evening did.

So here’s the rest of the story:

We went out to dinner last night, a late dinner actually, because I had to work. This story has nothing to do with work. We arrived at our dining establishment around 8:45pm according to my check-in on Yelp. By 9:30 we had not received our food.

What did we order? Two appetizers and two meals (a salad and a steak sammy). Why did we order so much food, you ask? Because we had $40 to spend, in one visit only, and we didn’t order drinks.

What took things so long? Apparently because it was the last night of the Living Social deal, the place was very busy. And they were short staffed.

For the record, we tried to attend dinner there two nights prior, but they were closed “due to inclement weather” which, come to find out, means “it was 15 degrees, and not good for business.” OK. Whatever.

So our food finally came out. What food? Oh, you know, just one appetizer and our two meals. At once. Which I hate. Where was the other appetizer? Cooking:

“It was the last thing they put in.” Oh. Alright.

So we ate our app, and then we went for our meals. There was an item missing from my sammy, here’s the replay of how that went down:

Me: They forgot the roasted red peppers on my sandwich, can I get a side of those?
Waitress: Sure, I can do that!
Waitress upon return: They didn’t tell me, they’re out of those, sorry!
Me: How about a side of the sweet pepper relish?
Waitress as she grabs hold of her hair nervously: Yeah, no, they’re out.
Me: No, not the roasted red peppers, do they have any sweet pepper relish?
Waitress, flustered: I’ll go see.
Waitress upon return: No, yeah, they’re out.
Me: They’re out of both the roasted red peppers and the sweet pepper relish?
Waitress, growing more nervous: Yes. They’re the same thing I guess?
Me: No, the sweet pepper relish is different.
Waitress: Oh. Well I guess they’re made of the same thing?
Me: Oh, okay. Never mind then.

That. Happened.

So, on I went, roasted-red-pepper-less. And ketchup-less also, but I’m not getting into that.

The waitress came back to tell me that she’s taking a couple dollars off because of the confusion. Good. Good to see.

When did the missing app show? Oh, right when we were basically ready for to-go containers and had finished our meals.

Why didn’t the apps come out first? No clue. Couldn’t say… but by then it was going on an hour and a half.

We still had to meet the forty-dollars-of-free-food-quota, so we ordered a slice of pie after the waitress informed us they didn’t have what we wanted which was on the menu.

Then the waitress came by to inform us that she had taken my sammy off the bill and that we had only spent $33 by that point.

Great. Now we have even more money to spend.

“Can we get an order of the chicken fingers to go?”

“Let me check.”

“No, the kitchen just closed. Your pie was the last thing out.”

Good. God.

We gave up by that point. Paid only a tip since the bill was zero on account of us spending more than the allotted $40, only to have been comped a portion of that, and not being able to get any more food from the establishment.

Onward home we went.

And when I arrived, I opened my laptop and started the previous post. As you can see, by that point, it had become too much to continue writing.


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