Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coyotes at the ATM

You may not understand, but it clearly states something about coyotes at the ATM. What the coyotes are doing at the ATM is anyone’s guess, however.

There’s also a slight chance that this is a bank heist note – seemingly written last minute at a diner or coffee shop somewhere just minutes before the robbers leapt into action. Though, what coyotes at the ATM have to do with a bank heist, I’m not sure.

If I were to write a bank heist note, it would say something like: “give me the money.” Or, if I were to use this note, I would expand on the idea before handing to the teller: “there are coyotes at the ATM outside, give me all the money or I’ll call them in to eat you.”



  1. no no not coyotes- but chayotes

  2. WTF. It looks like Morse Code, but on paper.