Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I once slalomed donkeys. Or maybe they were mules?

I couldn’t tell… but it sure was an interesting experience.

So I’m driving down a winding road in South Dakota one afternoon, and what do I find as I turn the bend? A few donkeys (or mules) just standing there in the road, hanging out. Of course, they weren’t on the side of the road; they were strewn across the road, standing there, looking at me as if I didn’t belong.

So what did I do? I slowly crept the car up to them. What did I see? The few donkeys turned into a herd of donkeys! And they weren’t moving.

So what did I do? I turned on the camera and made a video as I slalomed my car between and around them.

What happened next? Two donkeys came charging down the side of the road heading straight for my car! Fortunately they ran past and then stopped.

What happened then? As I moved slowly around and between them, one decided to bite my antenna. I quickly put that down.

What could possibly happen then? I pulled up to one, rather plump-looking, donkey as it was panting, consistently and heavily. As I came to a stop it squared up to the car and slowly walked over to the driver's side window. As I rolled the window down I heard the typical donkey sound as it panted, but at a very low volume.

What happened next? It stood, nose to side mirror, and kept standing. It then proceeded to rub its face on my side mirror. And then moved closer to the slightly-open window.

Of course I had my window open a little – I was talking to the donkey the entire time.

Of course it opened its mouth, tried to bite the window, and its teeth made contact with the top of the open window.

Of course I quickly drove away. Off down the road, finally turning the camera off, and in disbelief of the even that just occurred.

I still have the video. I like to watch it sometimes.


1 comment:

  1. A herd of donkeys,
    or maybe they were mules.
    It seems they and you both
    were acting so cool

    The car made it through
    the antenna took a bit
    When the fat one came over
    my cool would have went to fright