Friday, February 4, 2011

Mad egg peeling skills (Mad as in awesome? Not at all.)

…Mad as in ‘unlicensed black-market surgeon’ or ‘mad scientist with a hacksaw and 3 bodies to dismember and put back together again’. Yeah, that kind of mad.

I remember a day when I could peel an egg like nobody else. The operation always went smoothly and the eggs survived, coming out whole almost always. These days, my eggs come out of operation looking something like a hack-job, with pieces missing after being ripped off, and they end up looking disfigured. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. And it’s starting to bother me.

Honestly though, I think Xtina has something to do with it – she’s the one who boils them. But she doesn’t seem to have the same trouble I do. In fact, her claim is that she can remove the shell in two (that’s 2) pieces. Which might lead one to believe it’s the operator of the egg peeling operation (me). Whatever.

Here’s a picture of the eggs post-operation for your amusement:


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  1. You are well aware that the reason for this is that you are using fresh eggs. The short version is that in between your shell and your egg is a membrane called an air cell. In fresh eggs, that air cell is still adhering to the inside of the shell. As an egg ages, that membrane contracts and pulls off of the shell. This is why an older egg (read: not past expired, just older) peels easier. That small bit of information is the key to the mysteries of the hard boiled egg. Moral of the story: old eggs make better hard boiled eggs.