Friday, February 4, 2011

The most important of all shirts

Captain’s Logbook
February 4th, 2011
Day 12

Just twelve days into the journey and we already had a bad day. After only 30 minutes into the morning, it had come to my attention that I had run out of shirts. No, not button-downs, long-sleeved, polo’s, or the sweater-likes. No. I had run out of the most important of all shirts: the undershirt.

After allowing panic to set in for a moment, my hand raised and swung across my face. I quickly slapped myself and emerged from the daze. I ran to the closet. I scoured the racks for something white with short sleeves to wear under one of the more usual shirts listed above.

I came across on shirt, and put it on. The neckline, unfortunately, was worn and un-presentable. I quickly threw it to the floor. Back to the closet I ran.

Looking at all the colors, none fit the category of white. Almost everything was colored, and did not fit the bill.

Then, on the shelf above, sandwiched under a stack of folded clothes, a glimmer of white caught my eye.

There it was! I had found exactly what I was looking for.

I pulled the shirt out, shook it in the wind, raised it above my head, and put it on. I briskly walked to the mirror for inspection. “This one will do the job” I exclaimed.

I quickly put on the more usual shirt of the day over the undershirt and moved to charge head-on toward the day.

I hadn’t looked back until now.

We are very fortunate there was no bloodshed during such an event on this leg of the journey.

We can thank our lucky stars for today.


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