Monday, September 13, 2010

“Hitting the big one” (aka Vegas Recap v1.0)

Welp, here I am – back in effect.

It’s interesting, and seemingly ritualistic, how every time you return from a trip to Vegas and everyone (well, at least one person) makes the comment, “I guess you didn’t hit the big one…” forcing you to engage in ridiculous banter which you have no interest in partaking.

No, no I didn’t hit the big one. You’re correct, clearly. You would have heard about it already if I had, and you probably wouldn’t be seeing me at that moment, or possibly ever again.

I guess that comment is much like other comments which are so blatantly obvious that they’re meant to spark conversation and be unfulfilling filler when there’s nothing else to talk about, but there is, but you don’t feel like giving much effort to the conversation, so you offer up the old adage of “guess you didn’t hit the big one”… much like the 'weather conversation'.

Anyway… Vegas was great. I’ve only been a couple times before, and this trip was by far the best. Plenty of good food, good drinks, and good times. I was lucky enough to win about as much as I spent on food and drinks (which is always a plus), and (un)fortunately didn’t wake up with a tiger in my room, or atop a hotel roof baking in the sun while others searched for my body.

I did, however, see a woman at one point walking with her man. I thought she had a rose in her hand, which I assumed her man gave her. Of course, as with most other times, it turned out that it was not a rose, and in fact a coke bottle with a red cap… No rose in her hand, not even close.

Standby for “more to come” (aka Vegas Recap v2.0) in the near future.


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