Wednesday, September 1, 2010

‘Drunk with a Bug’ and more ‘Treat Receipt’ action

Two quick things:

1) You know you may have had enough to drink when, while in a public restroom, you try to wash a bug down the drain as you’re washing your hands, only to find that the bug didn't get washed down the drain and survived the flood, so you rescue it with a paper towel, place it on the counter, and profusely apologize to it, all while wishing you had your phone to take a picture of it for your blog as it visibly tries to recover from the event and, curiously enough, seems to acknowledge your existence.


2) The ‘Treat Receipt’ is official. Starbucks changed their drive-thru signage at some point since my last visit. There is a sign that specifically says ‘treat receipt’. Apparently, they’re running some sort of promo… Joy.

Just when I thought the lady was being ‘fun’ the other day, they go and be serious about it… Not joy.


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