Friday, September 3, 2010

Rooster Man and Friday Eve

Last night was Friday Eve. You know, the night before Friday. The night you’re supposed to go out and have fun in celebration of the fact that the following day is Friday.

What? You don’t do that?

Well why not? Seems to be a very logical thing to do if you ask me. You just might see Rooster Man and the proverbial chicken dance at YOUR local establishment.

As I sat on my bar stool last night, I looked through the crowd and saw a guy attempting to dace, alone. Interestingly enough, he opted to go for an adaptation of the chicken dance. One might think that he was making fun or fooling around to make his friends laugh, but in fact he was not. He actually appeared to be taking things seriously.

He proceeded to “dance” (walk) in a ten-to-fifteen-foot circle, snapping his fingers to the beat on one hand, who-knows-what with his other, and bobbing his head like a chicken, maybe even singing along to the music, too. He continued to “dance” (walk) around in said circle a few times – I saw him complete the circle at least 4 times, but who knows how long he was doing this prior to me noticing.

I wonder, why would someone choose a form of artistic dance expression at a bar such as an adaptation of the chicken dance? I can’t imagine any benefit from it, especially if you’re a seemingly-single male who is out for the night, possibly even with an interest in meeting someone of the opposite sex.

Maybe he was just overwhelmed with joy during the typical Friday Eve celebratory activities. I doubt it though.

…And this is just one reason why you should celebrate Friday Eve and support your local establishments.


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  1. oh puhleeeeeeeeeese post a photo of Rooster Man.... what a hilarious post