Monday, September 13, 2010

Vegas Recap v2.0 …and a fortune cookie.

Here’s a short linked list for your viewing pleasure as an exploratory recap of my trip to Vegas. For those of you who haven’t been, this will serve as a nice highlight of what you can expect if/when you go.

Joe’s Stone Crab
Mandalay Bay Beach
Planet Hollywood’s Pleasure Pit
Cabo Wabo
Pink’s famous hot dogs
Bellagio’s fountain
B – BeatleShow Tribute! (The Beatles’ tribute band)
City Center
And much, much more

Also to note: upon my returned from Vegas, there sat on my desk at work was a fortune cookie along with a postcard from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management which read, “what does your future hold?” Apparently it was ‘401(k) day’ while I was gone… at least that’s what the card said.

I didn’t know such a day existed, but it does.



  1. Fortune cookies always tend have some generic meanings, but every now and then they have some notorious sayings. I once had a fortune cookie and inside the fortune was, "Beware of cookies baring fortunes." Don't think I've laughed harder than that day! =)


  2. what? you didn't go to the pink taco?
    at the hard rock, that is.

    also, you 'see' a lot of things that turn out to be something else. i'm wondering if you need an eye exam ;-)

  3. Or I need to start wearing my glasses...