Wednesday, September 22, 2010

100th, Sleep, and Something New

So, here I am - 3:16am and awake. Again. Probably not the best decision I've had in a while, but still a decision nonetheless.

I've decided tonight to start a new blog, one much unlike this one; a blog where my opinions and thoughts can be shared with the world on topics I chose to leave out of here. While this blog will continue to serve as my creative outlet, the new blog will be geared toward my opinion on real-world matters and topics: current events, politics, policy, regional/national/world issues, etc...

I've always wanted a venue to debate and discuss, or to at least a way offer my opinion to the world. I guess that's going to be it for now.

If you would like the new blog's address, feel free to email me (jrm at workspacewritings dot com) and as soon as it's up and ready I'll pass out the info. All points of view, thoughtful discussion, and debate are welcomed on any and all topics.

In other news:
A small bit of celebration is in order: the previous post marks my 100th on this blog! Congrats! Thank you for sticking around and checking me out! I greatly appreciate all of your follows, subscriptions, comments, and views. While I may be all over the board on my topic posts, I'm glad to see you enjoy what I offer (to some degree at least).

Thank you for that. I hope I can continue delivering worthwhile content for months and years to come!

In more other news:
I should be sleeping, but I'm not. Something's gone wrong with my brain and it's switched it's hours. Work certainly isn't going to like it, and I certainly won't either. This is night #2 that it's been like this.

And also, I've been feeling rather creative lately, which is probably why I decided to start up a second blog. Not that I want to leave this one, but there are things I want to write about that don't belong here. I'm sure you understand. Writing a book, painting, making music, building something, and writing lyrics are all on the mind lately. The urge for an additional outlet has probably contributed to my lack of sleep tonight, as my creativity and slight-OCD have forced my focus onto the new blog - creating, designing, customizing, etc.; once I started there was no stopping until I was done.

And now, here I am, 3:37am, writing a post instead of catching some sleep.

What's with this suddenly-strong urge to create?


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