Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pregnant in the Pit

A few weeks ago I was at a concert for some pretty big bands. I was fortunate enough to have the closest seats in the house – right in the pit in front of the stage. Other than it being extremely mild for a pit, it was a great time.

At one point I had looked to my left and back just to see what was going on. The area we were standing in was only 5 or 6 people deep and well-lit when the bands were on stage, so I could everything going on around me. As I turned around I saw a woman leaning against the back rail – and what looked to be pregnant. I also noticed that there was a guy with her, whom I suspected was the father of the baby.

I quickly turned around because I didn’t want to stare and the pregnant lady. But, of course, I had to turn around again to check. I looked to confirm she was pregnant and turned back to tell my friend. Or maybe I didn’t… I can’t remember if my friend was there or not. Either way…

So of course my mind starts going into “this woman’s crazy mode” because she’s pregnant, standing in a pit at a rock concert – isn’t she the least bit concerned for her and her baby’s well being?

No, of course she wasn’t. Why? Because as the lights came up as the next band came on stage, I looked back at the pregnant lady in disbelief again, and saw that she was holding a backpack in front of her body.

…Not a pregnant lady at all.



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