Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weather and the such

Weather. Why is it the subject of discussion between two individuals, usually in passing? Sure, you have the chat-about-the-weather conversations, probably every day to some extent. But why is weather the topic of choice for those short, “hey, how are you, how was your weekend” conversations? Why is there a need to throw in the weather to that conversation? Why weather? Isn’t there another common topic that we could talk about? Surely there’s something else besides weather that we have in common… Quite possibly something of substance even.

Wait… is that it? Is it the substance thing? Are people less inclined to briefly discuss a topic of substance with someone in passing, and instead resort to the most basic of conversation tactics – the weather? Or are some people simply less inclined to hold discussion with people they’re not completely familiar with? Maybe it’s a comfort thing? A boundary thing? Hmm… I suppose it could be any one of those depending on the people involved.

In other news, it turns out that my blog is the #5 Google search result for “motion sensitive faucet for cats”… And yes, someone actually searched for that, and yes, that one person actually clicked on the link to my post about motion-sensing faucets. And yes… I blogged about motion-sensing faucets…

In additional other news, I woke up this morning to an email notification of a comment to one of my posts. Well actually, there were three email notifications of a comment on three posts, along with my first blog “award”! I’ve been blogging consistently for two months now and someone has already found my words to be “good” or “enjoyable” to some degree. Thanks, Jingle, I appreciate it!

And for now, that is all.

Good day.


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