Monday, June 21, 2010



I don’t get it. The English language often times makes no sense. Sure, I speak and write it well, and can convey a good story through its means, but really… wth is going on with the “oes” and “os”? Tornado becomes tornadoes, potato becomes potatoes, but photo doesn’t become photoes, and tostado well… that’s just another language, but it too doesn’t become tostadoes… nor does taco become tacoes.

Also, what’s up with having words that are bad? Who’s stupid idea was it to deem certain words “bad”? I mean really… why is one word “bad”, making another obviously “good”? That makes no sense, and is illogical. Whomever thought it a good idea to label certain words as “bad” clearly had issues in life. I personally don’t see a use in having “bad” words – why can’t the current list of “bad” words just simply be strong markers in a sentence; strong adverbs or adjectives, strong conveyances of expression? Making a word “bad” is just ignorant if you ask me. It’s like saying a certain type of tree is “bad”, or a certain breed of animal is “bad”. Come on, people, get real.

A word is a word. A word is a sound that comes out of your mouth which has a specified definition standing behind it so we know what we’re talking about. Throwing in the “bad” words shouldn’t be a problem, if anything they add passion and description to an otherwise boring sentence. Yes, the “bad” words tend to be strong in their conveyance of feeling, emotion, or opinion, but sometimes you just need to go to that level to fully express what you’re trying to say. These words shouldn’t be “bad”, they should just be words.


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