Wednesday, June 30, 2010

He went to save the world

On my way to University, I thought I would be able to solve the world’s problems.
I thought to myself: yes, yes I can do that. I cannot wait. I just know I can.

I got to my room and started my studies soon after my arrival.
Philosophy and psychology, physics and astronomy, those were the subject I came to learn.

Sir Stephen Hawking has always been an inspiration.
Mr. Albert Einstein and Mr. Richard Feynman were both inspirations, too.
Mr. Sigmund Freud, I didn’t have much taste for, but Mr. Pavlov certainly inspired.
And especially Dr. Michio Kaku, I hoped to shake his hand one day.

One night, late after my studies, I settled in to solve the problems.
Paper on my desk, ready as can be.
Pencil sharpened, also as ready as can be.

I sat and I pondered, I sat and I waited, I sat and I struggled…
Just to put only a few words on the page.

What was I to solve? What problem should I tackle?
How can I help the world first and foremost?

Unfortunately, nothing came to mind; no ideas, no thoughts, no inklings of anything.
But I know I can do this, I just know that I can.
Why aren’t I yet solving the greater issues of man?
After three hours I closed my eyes: I’ll return to this later, when I am more wise.

As the days went on and classes grew long, Fall turned to Winter, and Spring soon called.
I continued in my chair – my desk was worn, my elbows sore, but my pencil’s still sharp, and ready as a spear.

“I got it!” I exclaimed. I knew right where to start.
“I’ll show them” I told myself, as my mind began to spark.
I was embarking on a journey that would save us all,
and onto the paper I quickly wrote:

“We must love one another and give respect to all.”



  1. you continue to amaze and inspire me with your words!

  2. ha. that last line is perfect. if only we could get everyone to do there is the trick....

  3. “We must love one another and give respect to all.”
    That student learned an important lesson. It is carrying that out that is the challenge.

    Thanks sooo for joining our second One Shot Wednesday

  4. There's no better inspiration than that.

  5. i met Michio Kaku in the subway in New york and i asked him about the basis of his civilization rating. he is a very cool dude.

    As a student who intends to major in Math/physics, this poem really appeals to me. i know it is very hard to find that "eureka" thought that prompt us to have insight to the problem and solve it.

    great poem and thank you for sharing your experience.

  6. Sweet...but the real issue begins with making the last line a reality.

  7. Love the suspense of this fine piece...I love all these great scholars you sited... but your last worth volumes of their words...bkm

  8. Sometimes the great minds of the world can't see the simple things. The true way to solve mans problems.

  9. i loved the way this was written..and your sentiment is so true...a simple basic statement that so often is overlooked....thanks for joining One Shot..Pete

  10. I simply adored this !!!! thanks for sharing such a beautiful message :)

  11. This is so true - and yet - much more difficult than working out big plans on paper...

  12. the first step to a journey of a thousand miles is the one that is taken by the heart.

    very nice...

  13. And that indeed would save the world. Alas, no one listens.

  14. While I was reading this I was resigned to reading about your cynicism & realization that you can’t really solve the world’s problems. The ending was an excellent surprise!

  15. If the last line was the only line it would still be a perfect poem. If Only..


    came by one stop poetry

  16. sometimes the simplest, are the best and biggest.
    AMEN! to your last line.


  17. if we all do that we sure will save the world. :)